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The slides in these presentations serve as a starting point for dialogue of workshops I have done. While they are not a complete representation of the workshop, some information and resources from the presentations may be helpful. In addition, I am editor of a professional site which features weekly posts from real teachers doing real work with real students as well as additional resources. I strong encourage you to check out that site!

College Board AP Literature Videos – Barber/Escobar

The Norton Guide to AP Literature (2022)

The Best Lesson Series Writing (2018)

The Best Lesson Series Reading (2015)

#TeachLivingPoets – Melissa Smith, Jessyca Matthews, Susan Barber, Matt Brisbin, Cynthia Hamilton, Cleveland Winfield (NCTE 2022)

High School Matters – Scott Bayer, Susan Barber, Melissa Smith, Joel Garza (NCTE 2022)

Positioning Students to Own Their Writing – Susan Barber, Matt Brisbin (NCTE 2022)

Reimagining Whole Class Texts with Poetry Collections – (Poetry Foundation Summer Institute, Summer 2021)

Trailblazing Women Poets – (Folger Shakespeare Institute, Fall 2020)

Writing Conferences: Inviting Students into the Feedback Conversation with Adrian Nester (NCTE 2019)

#TeachLivingPoets with Karla Hilliard, Jori Krulder, and Kristin Runyon (NCTE 2019)

AP Literature Course Redesign (Georgia DOE, 2019)

Write This! Not That! with Adrian Nester  (NCTE 2018)

#TeachLivingPoets with Melissa Smith, Karla Hilliard, Jori Krulder, Adrian Nester , and Sarah Soper (NCTE 2018)

AP Lit Workshop 2018, Leesburg (Georgia DOE)

The Connected Student (GCTE2018)

Complexity (GCTE 2018)

Syntax: Empowering Student Voice (NCTE 2017)

Textually Active Teens (NCTE 2017)

Igniting Professional Learning (NCTE Ignite Session 2017)

Building a PLN: Maximizing Social Media for Professional and Personal Growth (Coweta Tech Summit 2017)

Poetry Props – Support for Teaching Poetry (GCTE 2016)

AP Lit Training – Fall 2016

Art in the ELA Classroom (GCTE2015)

Avoiding Multiple Choice Monotony (Georgia DOE Webinar)

AP Reading: “Juggler” (Georgia DOE Webinar)

AP Lit Training – Fall 2015 (Georgia DOE)

#Frankenchat – Using Twitter in the Classroom (School Board Presentation)

Lies Told to TeachersAtlanta Journal Constitution, 2018

Who Loses Most in Testing: My StudentsAtlanta Journal Constitution, 2015

The Good Teachers are Starting to LeaveWashington Post, 2015

Additional Resources:

Counting Descent (Smith) Unit Plan

Character Complexity Visual

Great Sentences of Literature Pics (Bulletin Board)

Living Poets Digital Library by Melissa Smith and Scott Bayer

#THEBOOKCHAT list from Scott Bayer and Joel Garza

NNSTOY Social Justice Book List

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