Resources for Teachers

My Workshops and Presentations:

The slides in these presentations serve as a starting point for dialogue of workshops I have done. While they are not a complete representation of the workshop, some information and resources from the presentations may be helpful.

Counting Descent (Smith) Unit Plan

AP Lit Workshop 2018, Leesburg (Georgia DOE)

The Connected Student (GCTE2018)

Complexity (GCTE 2018)

Syntax: Empowering Student Voice (NCTE 2017)

Textually Active Teens (NCTE 2017)

Igniting Professional Learning (NCTE Ignite Session 2017)

Building a PLN: Maximizing Social Media for Professional and Personal Growth (Coweta Tech Summit 2017)

Poetry Props – Support for Teaching Poetry (GCTE 2016)

AP Lit Training – Fall 2016

Art in the ELA Classroom (GCTE2015)

Character Complexity Visual

Avoiding Multiple Choice Monotony (Georgia DOE Webinar)

AP Reading: “Juggler” (Georgia DOE Webinar)

AP Lit Training – Fall 2015 (Georgia DOE)

#Frankenchat – Using Twitter in the Classroom (School Board Presentation)

Additional Resources:

Great Sentences of Literature Pics (Bulletin Board)

NNSTOY Social Justice Book List