Sonnet 2014



I’m no good at writing poetry – really, really bad. But after asking my students to attempt difficult academic feats all year, I have decided to write a sonnet to commemorate this year’s graduating class. I love this class for too many reasons to list here – powerderpuff threepeat girls, great class officers, the Sue crew, signings and scholarships, Friday tea time, pancake breakfasts, heated Socratic discussions, Batman costumes and allusions, but most of all for the too many individual and small group conversations to even begin to list. My Shakespearean sonnet does not do this class justice but here goes . . . .

Sonnet 2014

Another class puts on their caps and gowns,
Crossing the stage to the next phase of life.
Amid the thundering applause and sounds
The graduate sighs releasing all strife.

Tension is felt while family holds on tight
To childhood memories fading to the past.
Homecoming and prom and Friday night lights
The studying and school bells end at last.

The restlessness and yearning now gives way
To newfound experiences and friends.
Shaped by the past yet still moldable clay
You will now view the world through your own lens.

Take what you have learned wherever you go;
Let your past be something you never outgrow.

                                                      Susan Barber

And here is a student poem shared with permission. Thanks, Emily!!


Congratulations to the class of 2014!

Take time this week to encourage and pray for a graduate.

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