Writing in Real Life

I love students, and I love writing. I don’t even mind spending my time giving feedback on student writing because I love to watch students grow as writers even though at times the quantity of grading I do seems overwhelming. One thing, however, that I absolutely LOVE is seeing my former students write outside of the classroom. These students have learned that writing not only gets your voice and message out there but forces one to slow down long enough to think and process thoughts and events – a practice lost not only on today’s youth but most adults as well. I can think of no better way to honor these young people than by sharing their blogs and writing with you, so in no particular order:


Katie Marie Stout is a published author!! I taught her though in a homeschool co-op many moons ago. Find her Young Adult novel Hello, I Love You here and look for her next novel.


Chronicles of a Summer in Holland by AJ Traver – what a joy to teach this free-spirited, smart young woman!!


Five Honest Reasons You’re Scared to Leave Your Comfort Zone by Allie Braun – Allie is an all-American girl now published on several online platforms.


My Testimony by Rashad Menefee on his new blog site – so proud of Rashad who is now serving his country and blogging as well!


Mission Honduras by Alyssa Young on nomadicmindsblog – Alyssa has the biggest, kindest heart (and smile) and just spent a major part of her summer in Honduras. 


Three Things my Mother Taught Me by Madolyn Roppell at Elegent Earth – a young woman with a beautiful, old soul


Looking for Bri by Bri Spencer features her original poetry- Bri is an amazing poet and creative writer and great to have in class when the teacher doesn’t understand the poem.

In full disclosure these last two students never officially sat in Room 128, but I claim them anyway.


Anticrastination by Nathan Hoffman on Shalom from the Other Side – What does one say about Nathan? He’s got energy and smarts like no other . . .


Frederick Douglass was Basically a Fortune Teller by Gracie Dalton on Through the Looking Glass – Gracie’s only a junior this year but watch out for this beauty and her writing!

So take note, adults, and learn from these young people. Writing has a place in your life and today’s world.

Write something this week – if only for yourself. 




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