Dear First-Time Voters,

voterI want to personally apologize to you if this is your first election to vote. Since you were sitting in your first-grade class or even before, I’m sure you have looked forward to the day you would get to cast your first vote. Voting signals adulthood, responsibility, and your part in a democracy. You have most likely listened adults talk about voting in prior elections and thought through where you stand on issues and how you would choose a candidate when your turn came.

And now it’s your turn, and I’m sad for you.

Many adults are probably nodding their heads in agreement thinking I am sad because of the candidates. Admittedly, the candidates of the two major parties are not my favorites, but I am even more saddened by the way many adults have acted during this election season.

The negativity and honestly unchristian words spoken about people and our nation has been nothing but heartbreaking to me. People of my generation have stolen the joy and excitement from your first election.  I hear you in class speak of adults who have discouraged you from even voting in this election. Do I wish we had other choices? Yes; however, when we bad-mouth people and express hopelessness in our nation, we are not investing in you properly. Some may accuse me of having my head buried in the sand, but I prefer to discuss and learn from our current situation and model that instead of negativity and hopelessness to you.

So here’s my message to you:

When you vote for the first time, walk in with a high head and a proud heart knowing that your voice counts in this democracy.

When you vote for the first time, do your research and be true to your heart – not that of your parents, friends, or favorite news source.

When you cast your vote, realize that the President of the United States is only one person; America is a nation made up of great people. Vote then go be a great person and inspire others to do the same.

When you vote for the first time, be grateful that you live in the greatest country in the world.

When you vote for the first time, be prayerful because voting is serious business.

When you vote for the first time, recognize that “there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God” (Romans 13:1).

When you vote for the first time, place not your hope in a person or a government but in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please lead the way for adults who have become cynical and critical and remind us how to be proud Americans regardless of our circumstances. You are our future, and your time is now.

Vote wisely.

Vote conscientiously.

Vote proudly.


P.S. My Georgia voter sticker is from last year; I personally love voting on election day.

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