Advent on the Square

Small town Christmas parades are the best. Scott and I went down early to visit our old neighbors in their new downtown Newnan home then walked up the street to watch Brooke be an elf for the last time since she heads off to college in the fall. Families lined the square to see the local boy scout troops, church and business floats, and school groups. After a snowfall the night before, the weather was a frigid 35 degrees causing Southerners to rock back and forth to stay warm for the start of the annual parade. As the parade moved down the street, children inched their way into the street to see what is coming next, and everyone excitedly awaited for Santa riding on a vintage fire truck at the end.

As we watched and talked with our friends, a child’s voice rang out above the cheering crowd.

“Jesus is coming!”

“Jesus is coming!”

As other children shouted for Rudolph, Elsa, and Frosty, I turned to see this child excitedly jumping up and down cheering for the arrival of Jesus. I peered past the child and sure enough, coming down the street on a flatbed trailer was baby Jesus held by his elementary school-aged mother Mary while being looked over by an equally young Joseph under a couple of homemade palm trees. For this child, the highlight of the parade – and of Christmas – was the coming of Jesus.

We spend a lot of time at Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus as we should, but what we often overlook this time of year is His second coming. The season of Advent is a time to reflect on both. This past year has been plagued with so much darkness that the excitement and reminder from this child set my heart right for the season.

Cancer, Aids, and disease –
Jesus is coming!

Terrorism and political unrest –
Jesus is coming!

Mass shootings and acts of natural disaster –
Jesus is coming!

Police brutality and social injustice –
Jesus is coming!

Broken homes and relationships –
Jesus is coming!

Poverty and mental illness –
Jesus is coming!

Instead of being pulled down Main Street in Newnan, GA behind a white Ford F-250, Jesus will appear at the second coming with His angels in the glory of His Father. Until then, we wait. Thank you, young child, for reminding me that we wait and look forward to the return of Christ.

And since this is a blog about Christmas in Newnan –

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