Do Good in the Face of Evil

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Today I went to work, locked my door as teachers now do because of our safety lessons, and finished reading Hamlet. This was not the case in Parkland, FL. I really have no words for events like these, but my friend Emily Goodwin captured my thoughts well. She posted:

“My classroom is a battleground every day. Students are battling sickness, poverty, uncertainty of their futures, and an assortment of other things. However, they should never fear coming to my classroom. They should never have to fear if something is going to happen to them while they are with me or their other teachers. Parents should never have to fear letting their children receive an education. My classroom is a battleground but it is not a place for violence. I do my best to remember ‘Through the storm; He is Lord; Lord of all.’ My prayers and thoughts are with all who have been affected in the past and present by senseless violence in our world, especially in our schools.”

As a way of honoring those who lost their lives while either receiving an education or while influencing the next generation, I ask that you read the Names and Bios of Victims and say a prayer for their family. And pray for the school and the community; they will need it in the days ahead. Then go do good to the best of your ability.

“Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21


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