Downsizing: Part 1 – The Kitchen Table

downsize verb

down·​size | \ ˈdau̇n-ˌsīz  \

downsized; downsizing; downsizes

Definition of downsize

transitive verb

1: to reduce in size

intransitive verb

: to undergo a reduction in size

Our kitchen table has seen a lot over the past 25 years. Holiday dinners. Family meetings. Game nights. Science fair projects. Grad school papers. Blessings. Laughter. Tears. Daily life conversation.

When we sold out kitchen table last weekend because we don’t have space for it in our new home, I was sad. I felt like a part of our life was being carried out by strangers who had no idea the piece of history they had acquired. 

What was not carried out with it though is all of the memories built around the table. 

Pastors and missionaries from literally all over the world breaking bread with our family. 

Sharing meals with foster children.

Nameless kid overturning a game board after losing (I’ll let y’all guess which kid that is – takes after Scott for sure).

Planning family vacations.

Announcing college decisions. 

Taco Tuesdays. 

Bear (our beloved beagle) eating a pork chop from an unattended guest’s plate.   

Decorating Christmas cookies. 

College send off parties for seniors.

As we practiced Lent before Easter, Scott and I gave up a couple of things in order to make room for more important things. This required self-discipline and a different mindset – one looking to the future and not fixed on the present. Downsizing is same only on a larger scale. We are purposely choosing to let go of things in our lives – things we can easily justify – in order to think and live differently.

Our hope is that as we let go of things, our hands and hearts will be more open to people. 

Our hope is that as we let go of things, we will come to realize that memories – not things – tether us to others and will be more committed to building memories not maintaining stuff. 

Our hope is that as we let go of things, our focus will be less earthly and more eternal. 

As the new table owner carried it to his truck, he spoke of his three year old, and my mind instantly filled with pictures of our table in a young family’s kitchen and said a blessing over it going out our door. Thank you for serving the Barbers so well through the years.

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