Praying for Students

Life as we know it changed very suddenly last week. Many of our students will now be facing circumstances that are difficult to process. Some will be without food; others may be in be in homes with domestic violence. Many will watch parents lose jobs; many will worry about family members who are health care workers. Even students in stable families will miss friends, a structured schedule, and all of the end of the year activities – especially seniors. All students will deal with anxiety, and school will no longer be a shelter or constant in their lives. As teachers of faith, we know that even in the midst of trials, we are not left powerless but can pray for our students. Between now and the end of the school year, I will be sending out a verse of Scripture with a one or two sentence prayer for our students through daily emails every weekday morning to focus our prayers. Sign up below if you’d like to receive these daily prompts and join me in standing in the gap for our students through prayer.

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