Making Christmas Meaningful for the Next Generation


Room 128 serves as a place where I experiment with my thoughts and plans, and Christmas is no exception. Here’s how my classes make Christmas meaningful. Last year my students drew names and had a homemade Christmas. Students had to consider what their recipient might like and make something with this student in mind. Since most students are broke, they were actually excited about not having to buy something and loved the challenge being creative. As usual, my students did not disappoint.

IMG_1071 IMG_1072 IMG_1073 IMG_1074 IMG_1075

This year my students are giving the gift of words. We drew names again last Friday, and the only instruction I gave my students was to give a word-based gift with the recipient in mind. One of my students is going to write a poem to her classmate while another has told me that he is making a book mark with his classmate’s favorite quote on it. I drew the name of a student who wrote a meaningful essay at the beginning of the year – so meaningful that I saved it and plan on making part of that into a pallet sign. I have high hopes for this year’s word exchange and will let you know how it turns out.

Why not add to your one of these ideas to your family Christmas this year?  Encourage family members to make a gift for someone else and see what happens. If planning is an issue, pass out note cards on Christmas morning and have each family member write a letter of encouragement to the person on his or her left. Or put someone’s name on a card and pass around the room with each family member writing a memory about that person from the year or a character trait admired in him or her.

What is one way your family can make Christmas meaningful without spending a lot of money?

For more ideas on gifts for Generation Y, check out last year’s blog on this topic.

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