Hope for the Next Generation


(Brian Kershisnik’s “Nativity”)

iphones, ipads, boots, boot socks, gift cards, concert tickets – The younger generation is flooded with all kinds of gifts at Christmas. In the midst of all of the wrapping paper, bows, and gift bags this Christmas, set aside some time to think about not only giving physical gifts (books and Starbucks cards if you’re shopping last minute for me) but gifts that feed the soul. The older generation is quick to criticize youth for being shallow, purposeless, and narcissistic, yet we (I’m officially admitting to being in the older generation now) choose to overload our kids with things and overlook being intentional about giving to a young person’s heart.

This next year I want to give the gift of HOPE to the next generation. I came across a quote by Carl Henry several months ago that has stuck with me. He says, “The early church did not say, ‘Look what the world has come to! They said, ‘Look what has come into the world!’” My generation seems to spend a lot of time saying, “Look what the world has come to” and with good reason at times living in a world full of injustice, violence, and suffering. However, if we stop there, we are missing the meaning of Christmas. How can we fault the younger generation for often living as victims when we all too quickly throw up our hands saying “Look what the world has come to”? I want to spend more time this year saying “Look what has come to the world.” Christmas is a great day to have conversations with Generation Y about the Hope of the world through the birth of a Savior and how hope is not a once a year celebration but a lifestyle.

Police brutality and social injustice needs a generation living with the Hope of the world.

Cancer, Aids, Ebola, and disease cry out for a generation living with the Hope of the world.

Terrorism and political unrest deserves a generation living with the Hope of the world.

Poverty and illiteracy beg for a generation living with the Hope of the world.

When we are living with the Hope of the world in our hearts, we are able to live a life of hope in the world.

Take time this holiday season to talk to your children about living a life that brings hope to a hurting world.

If you are wanting to read more, here’s last year’s Christmas blog. I seem to be saying the same thing every year. https://susangbarber.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/hope-of-the-world/

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